Why is Phase 6, DHA Lahore the best option for living and investment?

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Chohan Estate does not just gives you options for selling and buying but also believes in keeping you updated on the Real Estate Industry. Today, we will inform you about which phase in DHA, Lahore is the best for living and investment. That phase is phase 6. Following is a list of distinctive feature that Phase 6, DHA Lahore possess.

Phase 6, DHA Lahore is the most developed and organized phase of DHA, Lahore

Everything in Phase 6, DHA Lahore is planned. From Underground wiring to water filtration plants, this phase has all things sorted. It has DHA, Lahore’s biggest office. So just in case, being Phase 6 resident you are facing any kind of trouble, you just have to go to DHA office which is at 5 minutes distance from the furthest block of phase 6. But if you reside in blocks from A-E, then DHA office is just one minute drive

DHA Lahore Office: https://dhalahore.org/

Excellent Return of Investment

Phase 6, DHA is not just ideal for living but a lucrative option for investment. If you purchase a plot now, the value of the land will increase up to 1 crore in next one year. Sounds unreal? But it’s true. People who had already bought properties in Phase 6, DHA sometime back are already enjoying an appreciation in the value of their land.  If your budget is less, you can purchase a land of 5 Marla. Blocks N, E and M are slightly cheaper. While blocks B, H and J are considered expensive.

Bigger Roads, Grand look

The express road of Phase 6, DHA is 150ft unlike 120ft of all other DHA Phases in Lahore. The smaller lanes are also bigger. They are 50ft unlike other phases, whose inner roads are of 40 ft. the bigger roads are not just good for smooth running of traffic but also give Phase 6, DHA a grand look. Once you enter this phase from any other phase you will automatically witness difference in its outlook.


There are around 4-5 parks in Phase 6, DHA. Hence giving its residents the liberty of choosing which one they love the best. All the parks have walking tracks and rides for children. DHA Raya’s cinema is open to even non-residents of Raya. This means anybody can go to the cinema and get entertained. There are almost all sorts of restaurants in Phase 6, DHA. Ranging from cafes to fine dining restaurant. A huge community club in K block is also under construction. It will provide a plethora of facilities and entertainment.

DHA Raya:  https://dhalahore.org/drgcc/

Amenities in Phase 6, DHA

Phase 6, DHA has dental clinics, kidney center, mosques, police station, beauty salons, gym and country’s most reputed educational institutes. It has Roots IVY league, SICAS, Beconhouse Newlands.

Shopping centers

Two huge shopping plazas are under construction. Once they will open, a Phase 6, DHA resident will not feel the need to go to any other Phase in DHA Lahore.


Unlike common believe, Phase 6, DHA is located ideally. It is 10 minutes’ drive from Airport, 20 minutes’ drive from Gulberg (if you go from harnbanspura interchange) and can exit from Lahore within 30 minutes via Sheikupura.


Phase 6, DHA is undoubtedly a State of the art phase of DHA, Lahore. The above mentioned features prove that this phase will grow further in terms of development and become the most sought after Phase of DHA, Lahore. Chohan Estate has numerous options for buying/selling of plots and houses in Phase 6. All you need to do is inform us about your budget and preferences and we shall advise you the best options. You are just a call away from making the most intelligent investment!

Source - Raza Chohan