Why Chohan Estate thinks Phase 8 ( Proper), DHA, Lahore is a great opportunity for investment purposes?

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Chohan estate is not just a real estate company; it has become a phenomenon that is trusted by every Pakistani. Our transparent procedures and credibility have made Chohan Estate the most reliable real estate company in Lahore. But with a lineage of over three decades, comes great responsibility. And our responsibility is to guide our clients in the best possible whereby they can purchase the right property in terms of their budgets and preference. So keeping this tradition alive, today we shall shed light on Phase 8 ( Proper) , DHA, Lahore ( Opposite Phase 6 Dha, Lahore)

Blocks in Phase 8, DHA Lahore

Phase 8, DHA Lahore has 7 blocks, S,U,Y,T,V,W, and X. The price of a plot ranges between Rs 1 crore & 40 lac to Rs 3 crore & 50 lacs.

Return on Investment

The return on investment in Phase 8 is pleasantly astounding. One can get a great ROI in coming years. So yes it would not be wrong if we state that phase 8, DHA is the most lucrative option in DHA, Lahore.

Two-sided open Plots

This is Phase 8, DHA Lahore’s biggest attraction. Unlike other phases, where a resident can only get two gates if it’s a corner plot, in Phase 8, DHA Lahore a resident can get entrances to two different roads on a few roads. This concept maybe common in areas like Gulberg, but phase 8 is the only phase in DHA, Lahore that offers such unique feature

Commercial Area

There are three commercial areas. Central Commercial areas ( CCA), CCA2 and Broadway commercial area. The plots in these areas range from 4,8,16 and 32 Marlas.

Ideal location

Phase 8 is the main entrance in DHA from airport. The other entrances it has are from Barki Road, Bhata Chowk , Ring road and Phase 6

Biggest park in DHA

Phase 8, DHA Lahore also holds the privilege of having the biggest park in DHA. The park is 135 Kanal. Apart from this each sector has its own park

Joint Venture Projects

Wedding marquees, entertainment spots and recreational activities are all planned for Phase 8, DHA Lahore


Construction of hospital and schools is also under process. In fact, Lahore’s most famous educational institute , Lahore Grammar School is also going to open in Phase 8, DHA Lahore


Just like Phase 6, DHA, Phase 8, DHA Lahore is a land of great investment opportunities. We would suggest if you have bought a plot in Phase 8, DHA Lahore then hold it for a while. Because in coming years its price would definitely appreciate and give you profits. So, NOW is time to purchase a property in Phase 8, DHA Lahore. If you have any other question related to Phase 8, DHA Lahore, feel free to call/whatspp/inbox us. Chohan estate is always available for your real estate endeavors.

Source: Raza Chohan