Gwadar safe city project

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Aslam o Alaikum

Dear investors, I hope that you are all well. I Think these days all valued clients and investors are looking for some profitable investments because in last two years investors could not earn reasonable profit from real estate.

So I advise you that you should invest in Gwadar for higher return in short period. 


About us

Chohan estate is the largest and No 1 realtor in all over the Pakistan.

Local investors as well as 80% overseas clients prefer to buy/sell their properties through chohan estate for safe and secure transactions.

Chohan estate is working since 1985 and now it has lot of branches and franchises network.

As everybody knows about importance of Gwadar. Chohan estate decided to work over there in Gwadar for secure and safe transactions.

Gwadar is future of our beloved Pakistan, it is the gateway of our prosperity and success. Gwadar will become a most prosper city of Pakistan very soon. So, investing there in Gwadar is worthwhile, Gwadar investment will give u higher return in very short period of time. So, everybody should invest in Gwadar, especially in GIEDA Gwadar industrial estate development authority, sangar housing scheme, new town housing scheme. Marine drive. We will discuss in detail about these investments soon.


Gwadar introduction

Gwadar is a port city on the south western shores/coasts of province Baluchistan. On September 8, 1958, Pakistan bought the Gwadar enclave from UMAN for Rupees5.5 billion. Gwadar deep seaport operations were officially handed over to china in 2013 to improve the port. Under the contract china will further develop Gwadar deep seaport a full-scale commercial port in minimum time period.

Gwadar has 600-kilometer-long coastal belt with bays and beaches.

In old time Gwadar was a small fishing town along the Makran coastal, Now Gwadar has become a very important mega seaport. Gwadar will join the oil rich middle east with heavily populated south Asia and western china. Gwadar sea port is expected to generate billions of dollars revenue and millions of Jos every year. Gwadar has got the status of Game changer in the region.


Importance of Gwadar

Gwadar will extend Pakistan’s importance from Persian Gulf through Indian ocean. It is close to the strait of Hormuz, through which more than 13-million-barrel oil passes per day. Now 80% of china's oil is imported by ship from the strait of Malacca to Shanghai a distance of more than 16000 kilo meter travelled and it takes around 3 months but once Gwadar port started operating the distance would be reduced to less than 5000 kilometers and it will take less than 7 days. Once Gwadar deep sea port is begin operating it will create millions of jobs and huge amount of revenue.

So many industries will establish along CPEC and in all over the Pakistan. CPEC will connect more than 60% of the world’s population through ONE belt ONE road


CPEC Route advantages through Pakistan

Distance from SHANGAI to GWADAR through sea was 9850 kilometers, now due to CPEC route this distance is only 2927 kilometers only through road.

Distance from SHANGAI to DUBAI was 10455 kilometers through sea. Now distance from SHANGAI to DUBAI through CPEC is only 3585 kilo meters.

Distance between LONDON and SHANGAI was 17041 kilometers now due to CPEC this distance is only 10281 kilo meters.



Gwadar safe city project

Government of Pakistan is working on "GWADAR SAFE CITY PROJECT" to provide security and protection from all kinds nefarious designs and violent threats.

Government wants to maintain peace and protect life, liberty and prosperity of all stake holders, visitors and investors.

On visiting Gwadar, you will see check posts with scanning trucks on every road in Gwadar.

Government has taken various measures to improve security. 1.Enhancement of patrolling in streets

  1. Bike/foot patrolling in streets
  2. Snap checking
  3. Men in plain clothes to keep a Watch on activities of anti-social elements
  4. Scanner trucks to check luggage.
  5. Multiple checking of vehicles.


Chines cavalcade security, chines route security, project sites security, chines residential areas security, airport security responsibilities are given to POLICE, ATF, ARMY, ASF, FC, Special Branches and Pakistan Navy.




Comparison between private societies and government societies in Gwadar

Investment in government projects like GIEDA Gwadar industrial estate development authority, sangar housing society, new town, marine drive and naval anchorage housing scheme is safer and secure. You can sell your properties in above mentioned project anytime at prevailing market rate of that time. Every time buyer is available for buying your properties. But investment in private societies in Gwadar is not much attractive. Because once you book your plot and after paying few installments, you cannot resell your plot.

Because so many societies are selling plots on installment. So why buyer will pay u down payment, installments you paid to the society and any profit you are demanding.

I strongly suggest you that you must invest in government society. You should not invest in private societies in Gwadar.

Re-selling in government society is very easy but re-selling in private society is much difficult




Societies in Gwadar

Private societies

There are 106 private societies in Gwadar, out of which 79 are residential and commercial societies, 17 are industrial societies, 6 are commercial societies and 4 are Re-creational schemes. Buying and investing in these societies is very easy but re-selling in these societies is very hard.


Government societies

1.GIEDA (Gwadar industrial estate and development authority)

  1. Sangar housing scheme

3 New town housing society

4 marine drive commercial

5 Naval Anchorage Gwadar



 GIEDA (Gwadar industrial estate development Authority)

GIEDA Authority is formed by government. To fulfil the industrial and ware-house needs in Gwadar. GIEDA is located on coastal highway. GIEDA will be connected by port with Express way and will also connected with CPEC route. When in near future Gwadar port will become full scale operational, there will be a very high demand for warehouse and industrial plots. GIEDA is the closest industrial area to Gwadar deep sea port.

All firms/industries which will importing and exporting products/material through Gwadar will need a warehouse or industrial Unit in Gwadar.

Investor will earn monthly rental from GIEDA plot equal to the today’s total value of the GIEDA plots in near future.

GIEDA investment will prosper your life and will also change life of your children, grandchildren and your coming generations. your all generations will admire your decision of "investing in GIEDA' Gwadar and all will pray for you.

There are two types of plots in Gwadar

  1. Industrial and warehouse plots
  2. Commercial plots


On industrial and warehouse plots you can built an industrial unit or you can construct a warehouse on these plots. Sizes of industrial and warehouse plots are 1 acre, 2 acres, 3 acres and 5 acres.

There are two types of cutting of industrial plots. One is old cutting and other is new cutting

old cutting of GIEDA consist on A, B, C, D, E, F, J and H block.

New cutting of industrial plots consists on H1 block (industrial) and S1 block (commercial).

Prices in Old cutting are higher than the prices in new cutting


Commercia plot sizes in GIEDA are 200 sq. Yards, 400 sq. yards and 1000 sq. yards. Theses GIEDA commercial plots are design to fulfill commercial needs of Industrial area. Because every industrial area are needs Banks, insurance companies, clearing agents’ offices, grocery stores, clinics etc. So industrial area also needs a full-scale commercial area.

Investment in GIEDA is attractive. In June 2016 average price of GIEDA 1-acre plot was 22 lac lacs and in march 2017 average price of 1 acre went up to 88 lacs. So, people/investors earned more than 300% from GIEDA investment.

Now prices have declined and prices are very attractive to invest in Gwadar.




Sangar housing society, Gwadar

Sanghar housing is 1st choice of investors who want to invest in Gwadar

Sanghar housing is located on mountain Koh e Batal, which is adjacent with Gwadar deep sea port. Sangar housing is spread over 2500 acres of land. 3 sides of Sanghar housing is surrounded by sea and one side is connected to mainland. Every time cool breeze blowing there. Sangar housing is located on a mountain and at a height, you can view whole Gwadar city from sangar housing society. If you built a house in sangar housing society you will enjoy to see cargo ships floating in deep sea in front of your house. Residents of sangar housing will enjoy sea front. Sangar housing is located on prime location of Gwadar, sanghar housing is government project, and investment in sanghar society is safe, secure and profitable. In planning of sangar society includes community parks, play grounds, shopping centers, schools, colleges and golf club. Proposed prime minister house is located in phase 3 of sangar housing. So, it indicates that this is elite and high-class area. PC hotel (pearl continental hotel) is operational in sangar housing since 2005. Sangar housing has announced possession in phase 1 so phase 1 of sangar housing is very hot and attractive for investment. Due to the big sizes of commercial plots in phase 4 (1acre, 2 acres, 5 acres) sangar housing will become center of commercial activities.



Sizes of plots

Residential Plots:


400 sq. yards (16 Marla – 45 x 80)

600 sq. yards (24 Marla – 60 x 90)

1000 sq. yards (2 Kanal – 75 x 120)


Commercial Plots:

400 sq. yards, 16marla

1000 sq. yards,  kanal

1 acre commercial plot

2 acre commercial plots

3 acre commercial plots

5 acre commercial plots


Hotel and resorts plots

1 acre plots

2 acre plots

5 acre plots



Sangar Gwadar Phase 1 sizes of plots (Residential)

16 Marla (400 SQ Yards)

24 Marla (600 SQ Yards)

2 Kanal (1000 SQ Yards)


Sangar Gwadar Phase 2 sizes (Residential)

24 Marla (600 SQ Yards)

2 Kanal (1000 SQ Yards)


Sangar Gwadar Phase 3 sizes (Residential)

2 Kanal (1000 SQ Yards)


Sangar Gwadar Phase 1 sizes (Commercial)

9 Marla (222 SQ Yards)

18 Marla (444 SQ Yards)

2 Kanal (1000 SQ Yards)


Sangar Gwadar Phase 3 sizes (Commercial)

9 Marla (222 SQ Yards)


Phase 4 of sanghar society is all high-rise commercial phase

Sizes of commercial plots in phase 4 are

1000 sq. yards 2 kanal

200p sq. yards 4 kanal

1 acre

2 acres

3 acres

5 acres 



New town housing scheme Gwadar

New town housing scheme has Four phases

Phase 1new town, phase 2 new town, phase 3 new town, phase 4 new town.

People are investing in new town housing because this is government project and very secure and safe for investment. Location of society is very prime. New town is the only society in Gwadar which is fully developed and so many houses has been constructed in this area. Houses and plots are available for rental and sale. Rental of houses in new town is higher than the rental of houses in DHA Lahore or DHA Karachi due to lack of buildings in Gwadar. Four main roads are passing through new town like Air port road Gwadar, Jinnah avenue, Marine drive, padizer road which increases its importance Because these All roads are High rise commercial.

On one side of new town there is main airport road which is high-rise. On other side of new town there is Marine drive and padizer road which is also high-rise commercial both are 200 feet wide road. In center of new town there is 200 feet wide Jinnah Avenue road and it is also high rise commercial. And Jinnah avenue directly meets with main Makran coastal highway. In future all commercial activities will take place in this area. You can say that new town is the heart of Gwadar. One side of new town is facing sea.

New Town housing is a government's housing scheme in Gwadar which attracts and appeals to a large number of potential buyers and investors looking to buy and invest residential or commercial plots for future investment. 


In new town there are Two categories of plots

  1. Residential plots
  2. Commercial plots


Residential plots sizes in new town

1 kanal plots (500 sq. yards)

2 kanal plots (1000 sq. yards)


Commercial plots sizes in new town are

8 marla 200 sq.yards

9 marla 222 sq.yards

16 marla 400 sq.yards

18 marla 444 sq.yards

660 sq.yards 26 marla

1000 sq.yards 2 kanal


Naval anchorage

Naval anchorage is first housing society launched by Armed forces in Gwadar. Pakistan Navy launched a very beautiful housing society naval anchorage in Gwadar. This housing scheme is approved by GDA ( Gwadar development authority ) Management of this society has successfully completed a naval anchorage housing society in Islamabad. Where community is enjoying a very high-class lifestyle. Naval anchorage offering health care facilities, schools, colleges, sports and recreational facilities to its residents. Initially this society is planned on 1450 acres, out of which 100 acres are reserve for Green area. Location of this society is very prime. This is located on junction of rakhshan avenue and coastal highway. This society has 1-kilometer front on main makran coastal highway. Naval anchorage is just 7 kilometer away from Airport just only 5 minutes’ drive, 5 kilometer away  from Marine drive , just 20 minutes’ drive from Gwadar sea port.

Naval anchorage is a gated community society. This society will provide safe and secure environment to its residents.



Residential plots sizes are:

5 marla ( 125 sq.yards )

10 marla ( 250 sq.yards)

1 kanal ( 500 sq.yards )

2 kanal ( 1000 sq.yards)


Naval anchorage sold most of its 10 Marla 250.sq.yards  , 1kanal 500 sq. yards  and 2 kanal 1000 sq. yards plots on cash payment. Only limited number of plots sold on 3 years instalment. Plots were booked with 10% down payment and remaining payment was payable in 3 years, 12 quarterly installments

Prices on installment base plots are

5 marla was 19 lac

10 marla was 30 lac

1 kanal was 48 lac

2 kanal was 90 lac.

Now installment plots are only available on re-sale.

Cash payments plots also available on attractive prices. For better return investors should invest in cash payment files.


Development work has started in naval anchorage.


Marine drive commercial and Padizer road commercial


Marine drive road and Padizer road both are 200 feet wide and main roads running behind the sea in Gwadar. Marine drive road is facing sea and padizer road is on other side of marine drive road but running parallel to marine drive road. Marine drive and padizer roads start from new town housing scheme. On sea side of marine drive there are plots for hotel and resorts these plots are not high rise and All embassies and government bodies houses will be established on these plots. So, this road will become top most location of Gwadar. On other side of marine drive and padizer roads there are high rise commercial plots of different categories.


Categories of Highrise commercial plots

1- high-rise commercial facing sea

2- high rise commercial facing parking

3- high rise commercial plots facing Padizer road

4- high rise commercial on parking.


No other location in Gwadar can match the standard of marine drive location. Due to its importance two main roads parallel passing through this area. If you are interested to invest in Gwadar you must invest in Marine drive commercial. If you missed this opportunity today you will buy it tomorrow in millions of dollars.


Sizes of plots on marine drive and padizer road are

9 marla 222 sq.yards high rise commercial

18 marla 444 sq.yards high rise commercial

2 kanal 1000 sq.yarrds high rise commercial

1 acre high rise commercial




I have lot of experience while investing in gwadar,

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