Government Housing Projects in Gwadar

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Gwadar is considered to be the Pakistani version of Dubai. Its seaport has great significance not only for Pakistan but for countries such as China, KSA and UAE. The developments in Gwadar are still under process. But once it will be developed, it will provide the most lucrative investment opportunities to local and overseas Pakistanis.  There are already a number of housing societies in Gwadar that have been approved by GDA. Some are government-owned societies while others are private ones.

Comparison between private societies and government societies in Gwadar

Investment in government projects like GIEDA (Gwadar industrial estate development authority), Sangar housing society, New Town and naval anchorage housing scheme is a good option. These societies are safe and secure. You can sell your properties in the above mentioned projects anytime at prevailing market rate.

Now let’s talk about private societies. The foremost point to consider while buying a property in private housing societies is their credibility. Even if these housing societies are approved from GDA, they are still not organized. Once you will book your plot and after paying few installments, you will not be able to resell your plot. The reason is very obvious. Buyers are interested to purchase property in government owned housing societies. There are 106 private societies in Gwadar, out of which 79 are residential and commercial societies, 17 are industrial societies, 6 are commercial societies and 4 are Re-creational schemes.

Government societies

These five societies are most sought-after societies in Gwadar

  • GIEDA (Gwadar industrial estate and development authority)
  • Sangar housing scheme
  • New Town Housing Society
  • Naval Anchorage

GIEDA (Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority)

GIEDA Authority is formed by government. To fulfill the industrial and warehouse needs in Gwadar. GIEDA is located on coastal highway. GIEDA will be connected by port with Express way and will also be connected with CPEC route. When in near future Gwadar port will become fully operational, there will be a very high demand for warehouse and industrial plots. GIEDA is the closest industrial area to Gwadar deep sea port.

All firms/industries which will import and export products/material through Gwadar will need a warehouse or industrial Unit in Gwadar. Investor will earn monthly rental from GIEDA plots equal to the today’s total value of the GIEDA plots in near future.

Sangar housing society, Gwadar

Sangar housing is the number one choice for investors who want to get good ROI in long term.  It is located on the mountain “ Koh e Batal” , which is adjacent with Gwadar deep sea port. Sangar housing is spread over 2500 acres of land. 3 sides of this society are surrounded by sea and one side is connected to mainland. As the housing society is located on a mountain and at a height, you can view entire Gwadar city. If you built a house in Sangar housing society you will enjoy beautiful view of the sea port where cargo ships would floating in deep sea in front of your house. Residents of Sangar housing will also enjoy sea front view. Another added advantage of this society is its prime location.  Planning of Sangar society includes community parks, play grounds, shopping centers, schools, colleges and golf club. Proposed prime minister house is located in phase 3 of Sangar housing. So, indicating that this this society is elite and high-end. Pakistan’s leading Hotel Pearl Continental (PC HOTEL) has been operational in this society from the year 2005. Now let’s talk about the possession. The society has announced possession of phase 1. This phase is considered to be a hot property.  As for the commercial areas, there are huge commercial plots in Phase 4 (1acre, 2 acres, 5 acres)

New Town Housing Scheme Gwadar

New Town Housing Housing Scheme has four phases. The location of this society is also very central. New Town Housing Society is the only society in Gwadar which is fully developed and many houses have already been constructed in it. Houses and plots are available for rental and selling. Surprisingly, Rental of houses in New Town Housing Society is higher than the rental of houses in DHA Lahore or DHA Karachi due to lack of buildings in Gwadar. Four main roads pass through New Town Housing Society including: Airport road Gwadar, Jinnah Avenue road, Marine drive road and padizer road. On one side of New Town Housing Society there is main airport road and on other side of New Town Housing Society there is Marine drive and Padizer road.  In center of New Town Housing Society there is 200 feet wide Jinnah Avenue road which directly meets with main Makran Coastal Highway. All these factors make  New Town Housing Scheme extremely viable.

Naval anchorage

Naval anchorage is first housing society launched by Armed forces in Gwadar.  As all other government projects this housing scheme is also approved by GDA (Gwadar development authority) . Management of this society has already successfully completed a naval anchorage housing society in Islamabad.. Naval anchorage offers all basic facilities and amenities such as health care facilities, schools, colleges, sports and recreational facilities.  This society is planned on 1450 acres, out of which 100 acres are reserved for Green area. Location of this society is very prime. It is located on junction of Rakhshan Avenue and coastal highway. This society is one kilometer from  main Makran Coastal Highway. Naval anchorage is just 7 kilometer away from Airport just only 5 minutes’ drive, 5 kilometer away from Marine drive and just 20 minutes’ drive from Gwadar sea port. It is a gated community society, providing full safe and secure environment to its residents.


Chohan Estate strongly suggests its loyal customers to consider government societies over private ones when it comes to purchase of property in Gwadar. These societies are reliable and are easier to sell off later to gain profits. Whereas some of the private societies could be fraudulent. Many people have lost their hard-earned money by purchasing files in a few private societies. If you want to invest in Gwadar then opt for government societies. And if you still want to buy property in private housing societies, check their status on GDA’s website and physically visit the society.