False impression of taxation changes 2016 in house sector

False impression of taxation changes 2016 in house sector


A wrong notion regarding changes in tax rates in the house sector is soaring high these days among people. It seems as it has taken hold of common man’s thoughts. A slight change is there in sale and purchase of plots or constructed houses. But thinking that the tax rate change has lowered down the prices of constructed houses to a great extent is nothing but a smoke in the air. It’s very clear plots market is slightly down now a days, But we cannot impose this practice on house sector because construction cost is increased day by day. There is a minor difference in house prices it about 1 million to 1.5 million. Because now a days builder sacrifice their profit little bit.

The real scene behind this mindset is totally opposite. Along with a shift in the rates of taxation in real estate market there is not even a single real thing that property rates has fallen to a higher level.
A dire need of brushing up this thinking is there on the part of public, so that the changes in taxation 2016 might not be mixed and applied in all cases. For it is important to find out the best professional consultant who guide him in a best possible way regarding his/her query.

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