Some of our clients

  1. Al-Baraka Islamic Bank
  2. Askari Bank Limited
  3. Askari Leasing Limited
  4. Atlas Bank Limited
  5. Bank Alfalah Limited
  6. Crescent Commercial Bank Limited
  7. Deutsche Bank AG
  8. Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited
  9. Faysal Bank Limited
  10. Global Securities Pakistan (Private) Limited
  11. Habib Bank Limited
  12. HSBC Bank, plc
  13. IGI Finex Securities Limited
  14. Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan
  15. Investment Corporation of Pakistan
  16. J.P. Morgan Pakistan (Private) Limited
  17. KASB Bank Limited
  18. Meezan Bank Limited
  19. NIB Bank Limited
  20. Pak Gulf Leasing Limited
  21. Pak Kuwait Investment Company (Private) Limited
  22. Pak Oman Asset Management Company Limited
  23. Pak Oman Investment Company Limited
  24. Pak Oman Microfinance Bank Limited
  25. Pakistan Industrial Credit & Investment Corporation Limited
  26. Prime Commercial Bank Limited
  27. Saudi Pak Commercial Bank Limited
  28. Small and Medium Enterprises Bank Limited
  29. SME Leasing Company Limited
  30. Soneri Bank Limited
  31. Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited
  32. The Bank of Punjab
  33. Union Bank Limited
  34. Union Leasing Company Limited
  35. Venture Capital Fund Management Company(Private) Limited