Keep yourself updated about the Changing Trends of a customer while purchasing a house in DHA, Lahore

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Chohan Estate has been in the business of buying/selling from more than 3 decades. Our team of experts and researchers keeps the market trend in mind while choosing a house to sell.  The Buying trends of a potential buyer have completely changed in DHA, Lahore . This change was slightly slow around ten years ago but from last 5 years it has become drastic. Following are the most prominent changes that have been observed in a buyer’s journey while purchasing a house:

  1. Buyers have become more practical and opt for houses that suit their preferences. They pay proper attention to the layout of the house.
  2. The concept of houses with huge Verandas at the front has become an obsolete trend. Open spaces are now preferred at the back of the house. This open space serves the purpose of terrace or barBQ area.
  3. As for the terrace people prefer open terraces at the front. It also makes a house look bigger than its actual size
  4. Many builders and architects have set the trend and tone of modern living i.e. Spanish /contemporary modern design/straight line house.
  5. Floorings have changed to marble/wooden/tiled/granite as opposed to the previous trend of chips flooring
  6. People opt for spacious lobbies instead of claustrophobic small lobbies. Also high roof lobby is more liked and demanded.
  7. As for the kitchens, buyers like to have kitchen with built in appliances along with dirty kitchen
  8. For the wood, people like Ash wood/teak wood
  9. When it comes to elevation, Glass and Tile work is introduced and liked by all sorts of buyers
  10. For TV lounge, buyers prefer steps to enter instead of old concept of same floor level
  11. For bathroom, Jaccuzis and sauna installed in wash rooms has become every buyer’s demand
  12. For basements, Quarter basements for servant quarters/full basements for family functions including swimming pools or with home theaters/gym is preferred.
  13. Aluminum has replaced iron steel grills.
  14. Huge Chandeliers is a must for buyers who want to add grandeur to their houses.


We hope that the above mentioned points will give you the perfect and exact information required while buying a house. If you need any further information, Chohan Estate will be more than happy to provide you with whatever details in terms of trends you require.

Source : Aqib Hameed