Impact of “elections 2018” And “Tax Amnesty 2018” on investment in real estate sectors

Mudassir Altaf 03244459192 24-07-2018

The country’s upcoming poles will positively impact real estate sector. In last few years, Political instability has badly effected real estate sector. Property Prices declined in last two years. Now prices will increase rapidly. You should invest immediately your idle and surplus funds to earn maximum return. As you know that many people got the benefit of tax Amnesty scheme 2018. After the election people who got the “tax amnesty” advantage and will invest in real estate sector.

“Tax amnesty” is actually a government effort to give opportunity for tax payers to convert the black into white/clean money, with the hope that they will continue paying taxes and will bring their hidden money in Economy that will enhance various sector activities. Major portion of investment after “Tax amnesty” and after “Election 2018” will be invested in real estate sector. Tax amnesty will increase government revenue as well as will increase investment in economy. This investment will speed up prices in real estate (properties) and will make a momentum for real estate. A drastic change can’t be happen over nightly but we foresee a gradual increase in this sector. After election uncertainty will be ended and investor will become confident to invest specially in the cases of overseas PAKISTANI’S. Election 1st of new government, investor will earn approximately 40% from their investment in real estate. That is speculated ROI (Return on Investment).  

This is the Pakistan’s first tax amnesty scheme to target the foreign assets, now due to the tax amnesty and peaceful elections in Pakistan, overseas Pakistan can bring their assets in Pakistan and can invest in Pakistan’s real estate sector.

Before elections potential buyer of plot and home adopt “wait and watch” approach due to expectations from the new government and also fluctuation of real estate taxes. New government bring new policies and after every elections prices of properties will rise. Especially foreign buyers are waiting for new government and in Pakistan two main things are occurring on same date

  1. “Elections” transfer of power from one party to another, will eliminate uncertainty from market
  2. Last date of Tax amnesty is end of July 2018 but its likely to be extended.

So you think about the situation that uncertainty has changed in confidence and so many big investors has gotten the advantage from tax amnesty. Now all these big investors are ready to invest in real estate. You will see that large number of investors will invest in real estate market after July 2018 and you will see a dramatic/positive increase in prices in next few months.

Current situation is ideal to invest in real estate market